Software Products and Training

Large-scale commercial enterprise tools are very effective at meeting the common software needs of an organization. These tools enable standardization in how information is collected, tagged, stored, organized, and retrieved. These tools also can be effective in establishing and managing enhanced security capabilities. Our Information Management/Information Assurance business unit is very adept at helping organizations maximize their investment and facilitate adoption by the larger user community. But sometimes that’s not enough.

Sometimes there isn’t an off-the-shelf solution that fulfills your company’s specific requirements. Your data needs to be managed with specific analysis, processed by specific functions, integrated with other specific data. You have a custom workflow in which your information needs to pass. You have custom reporting needs that must be integrated with other products. You need a niche solution.

Our experienced staff has developed both ends of this spectrum, from enterprise to niche. We understand the cost trade-offs of make or buy. For general software needs, we always recommend buy. But when the requirements are custom and mission is critical, we deliver an affordable, innovative solution that surpasses your expectations. We bring value, and never ask you to compromise your custom requirements. We can even ensure that our solution fits in nicely with your larger enterprise without compromising your security stance.


As an information systems company, we understand the real power of any database is not what you can put into it, but rather what extended-value you get out of it. Our database architects and developers work with our systems engineers to ensure the design is made with the end product in mind, from the beginning. This puts the focus of the system on achieving the mission. It also provides efficiency in the overall design. We then work back through the workflow to the data collection at the user interface, making sure the data flow is simple and streamlined and most importantly, understood by the user. Our team works with industry-leading databases like Oracle and MS SQL Server. And we have the staff to administer these databases. Our database administrators (DBAs) bring security and efficiency to the management of your system.


The backend database may be where the data is, but the user interface is what determines whether your user base uses the application or not. Our applications are built with an eye towards streamlined simple design that makes the user experience intuitive, reducing training costs, and yielding a lower total cost of ownership in the long run. It is more than just input and output. The application should be a tool in the hands of your users to accomplish the mission before them. Our staff understands that you may already have invested in specific software architecture or have a preference in what language your applications are built. With a diverse experience base, we can support many different development environments.

Pragmatic Processes

Our team has invested many hours in our software development processes. We know that robust, repeatable, dependable processes are the key to our software development lifecycle implementation success. We gather the requirements; analyze them, and then produce a preliminary design. We bring that design back to you with mock-ups and wireframes that allow you to envision the functionality of your application. With your approval, our team plans the work, then works the plan. We leverage the industry best practices for software configuration management with all of our development automatically stored and backed up. Our team is fluent in C#, ColdFusion, PHP, JAVA, Javascript, C++, just to mention a few.

Whatever your customized software developments needs are, we can help. And we can do it affordably.